Why 60 South?

The Antarctic Treaty establishes the region south of 60 degrees latitude as Antarctic Territory. The oceans, ice and land within this boundary are not owned by any country, but are set aside as a place for scientific and peaceful purposes. It is truly international territory -- while the treaty is in effect, no single country may control it, no military may possess it or conduct nuclear tests, and no territorial claims are recognized.

60 degrees south is also a natural dividing line where the ocean and air currents circle the planet without any land to disrupt the flow. The encircling ocean separates the Antarctic continent geographically, biologically and politically from the rest of the world. Yet even as it is isolated, the region is also a climactic engine that drives the Earth's weather. And it is here that changes in the global climate are most visible.

The isolation and extreme environment have also shaped a distinct culture, both socially and artistically, as well. This web site provides a glimpse into the artistic talents of the people who live and work on the Ice.


About This Web Site

60South is a internet site for the publication of art, writing, and photography related to Antarctica. It is also a long-term art project in itself, and a vehicle for the exuberant self-promotion of the author's own writing and photography.


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